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  Welcome to the guild Flawless at Stormrage-EU

Welcome to Flawless - a guild on Stormrage EU

Flawless was (we are a friends guild now) a raiding guild that has stood triumphant over all pre-Ulduar bosses in all difficulty levels. At this time, only a few obstacles remain in our path to the Observer. While our raids are serious, we accommodate our member's real lives and ensure that all of them enjoy the game.

Take a look at our page, check out our agenda for raid times and read our rules to find out if this might be the guild for you. Even if you don't see your class in the current needs list to the left don't be afraid to test your luck with an application, exceptional players of all classes are always considered.

What you can expect from us:
#  Excellent raid leading
#  Players that put an effort in raiding and expect you to do that as well
#  A balance between World of Warcraft and real life but still with raids on a serious level

Feel free to contact one of our officers or role masters if you have any questions concering our guild.

  Yogg Saron 2009-05-30

Yogg Saron

  General Vezax 2009-05-10

General Vezax

  Mimiron 2009-05-05


After working our way trough the trash, (you can take that litteraly) we finally gotten to “the mothership”. Special features to the ship were being able to fall (poor indi) and let’s not forget being able to fall. Then naturally we had to work our way trough a hundred and seventeen walking proximity-bombs, and if that werent enough, we had an actual boss to face as well.

So Mimiron, last remaining keeper to be in our way of the General, what can this guy possibly have on us? We survived the icy winter, we survived a numerous amount of thunderbolts chasing us for deer life, and we survived the pure wrath of mother nature itself( we rock, you can pat yourself on the back now, go on, take a moment….feels good doesn’t it?).

But ofcourse, this guy….this guy, had his own league of playingfield. He had…machines (shiver, shake, dramatic pause). Let’s retake on what has been done to us to be able to do this boss shall we: we got shot at by napalm bombs. The boss dropped evil, unseeable mines which melee had to run trough twice, each time an explode came by. And then there is the potential plasmablast, killing of the tank in 2 sec, if healers were sleeping. Pretty nasty boss uh? (Wait, this is just phase 1, im not done yet.)

k so after that reanactment of the cold war right there, we gottten to phase 2: this point of the fight took a long time to handle, I think at one point we tried up to 17 different spots to stay at( this number might be a little overdone, but it was still a lot!) until we finally managed to heal the “shooting frenzy” properly, and phase 2 was no more (note: the big red things on the floor are stupid and not worth mentioning. As is the “merry-go-round” that never works unless you actually don’t want it to work:D)

So…boss dead yet? Can he give up now plz? Aah, there he is again with an evil…helicopter shooting 1 bolt each 3 sec…is this an actual phase? Really? Ooh wait this is the point where we get a false feeling of having the worse part behind us, I get it now.

Then the actual hard part: shooting rockets you can’t really see, mines on the floor with constant movement, and again, you can’t really see. A “merry-go-round” that actually starts working in this phase (very annoying) and that moves indivually on top of the part that moves on the ground, so you cant really see if it will get you killed or not, or if you are going to step on a mine, which again you can not see!. Ofcourse the evil helicopter is stil shooting somebody to its close death each time it hits. Melee still has to run out from the explode. And the middle part still has his “shooting-frenzy” up and running.

Peace of cake. We rock ( 2nd tap on the back, wohoo).

Let’s go get the general!


P.S. remember that you kind of owe it to me, after the mess you made with the XT002!

  Flawless first two weeks of Ulduar





Iron Council






  Sartharion (3 drakes up) 2009-02-08

Sartharion (3 drakes up)

  Naxxramas 2008-12-14, Malygos 2009-01-09 and Sartharion (2 drakes up) 2009-01-13




  Felmyst 2008-11-09


  Brutallus 2008-10-28


  Kalecgos 2008-10-26


 Since the lastest patch is called Echoes of Doom, that's right doooooooooom!, it was only fair we lived up to it with our first real visit to the Sunwell Plateau. After...kinda... getting the hang of those darn scouts the boss went down with relative ease. With some slight adjustment of tactics and actually holding off the dps for a change we freed Kalec from the demon within (hmmm wrong boss). I think we're all enjoying this fresh instance and it's a nice change aesthetically from the rather dreary Black Temple. So gratz to the winners of the shinies and bring on Brutallus, lets get him down before the ret nerfs come into effect. *mocking chuckle*

- Elrothar (To the ground baby!)

  Illidan Stormrage 2008-09-02

Illidan Stormrage

It’s been a long journey: all the way from the lonely halls of Karazhan, to the stinking subterranean Serpentshrine Cavern, to the pink floating palace of man-love that is Tempest Keep and finally back to the past in Mount Hyjal. Now Flawless had finally arrived at the (not so) big bad Mr. Illidan-I have more issues than a bus full of emos- Stormrage. Could he stand up to us or did we have enough gnomes to take him down? Could we finally convince him we were prepared?

Phase 1: General tank and spank will the little addition of people have little tentacled bum babies. According to Cyri the best way to avoid this unpleasant experience is assuming a similar facial expression to one of a guild master being repeatedly asked about Death Knights, fact.

Phase 2: It seems Blizzard take the ‘don’t stand in the fire’ to the next level here, but adding green and blue flames on the ground, in the air and on our offtank’s rears. Difficult phase but we got the hang of it with some very nice tanking.

Phase 3 & 4: Basically consists of Illidan forcing the guild to be as anti-social as he is, staying far away from anyone and everyone. He also lets out his inner emo here and shows he is the true master of having tentacled bum babies.

Phase 5: Wow we’re nearly there! He comes the cavalry in the form of a drag queen with a hula-hoop who drops little gizmos in inconvenient place. Woot! We’re saved. It’s funny how all the preparation and execution go down the toilet when you see the boss at 2% and it turns into a crazy zerg fest.

But Ultimately, Flawless proved we were prepared and got some nice shinies for our efforts. Lets hope for more success and maybe some glaives in the future. This kill was extra special considering it was our first week back from a summer raiding break. And what a way to make our debut! With Wrath on the horizon I guess its time to thank everyone, not only those who have been here longer than me but the new people and everyone in between who stuck with the guild through the good times and the bad. /Raises glass.

- Elrothar (Do I get dkp or glaives for writing this?)

  Illidari Council 2008-06-10

Illidari Council

As some wise Warcraft player once stated ‘PvE is hard. Sometimes there is fire, you must not stand in fire.’ Well on this fight Blizzard decided to test our credentials by not only adding fire, but blizzard and consecration too! ‘Omgwtfbbq that’s an impossible task,’ I hear you cry. But fear not, thanks to some carefully orchestrated pulling, avoiding nasty AoE and the best interrupting known to night elf, human, dwarf, gnome or spacegoat squidface we got the Gelfs down.

- Elrothar (Chuck Norris roundhouse kick)

  Mother Shahraz 2008-05-27

Mother Shahraz

270 Hearts of Darkness? Check.
150 Void Crystals? Check.
540 Primal Shadows? Check.
390 Primal Lifes? Check.

All that time and effort for a trash mob with delusions of grandeur. Priceless...Not.

- Elrothar (the eternal enthusiast)

  Reliquary of Souls 2008-05-18

Reliquary of Souls

Many of our members seemed to enjoy this fight, so did I. Essence of suffering, desire and anger all offered different challenges with main focus on DPS. When the tank switch, the kicks in the face and the pewpew heallikeneverbefore worked all together Reliqary of Souls was no more. Ending the desire without having deaden spell reflected worked just fine!

Flawless is now working on the last pieces of our shadow resistance gear and we should soon be ready to meet Mother Shahraz...beware!

 - Esereht

  Archimonde down 2008-04-29


Since there is no trash to fight there is time for wipes, some more wipes and even some extra wipes during a night... But I wouldn't say we've spent so much time there. I must admitt I didnt't really feel like an asset to the raid in the beginning. Although I have now leveled my own shaman to 63 it is some difference to raid with one against an end boss. But I improved and with tremor totem and chain heal it's almost a certain win.   

It feels good to have Mount Hyjal cleared and now we have some more bosses in Black Temple to defeat. Congrats to the ones that got T6 heads and the ones that got other shiny things (but l2bid!)  :)   

 - Esereht the shammy...or no?

  Gurtogg Bloodboil down 2008-04-21

Gurtogg Bloodboil

After 3 nights (or was it 2?) of training we finally got him down. I had thought this one would be damn hard but seems it was actually not worse then any other boss (excluding the 3 first in BT and MH ofc). But somehow i got the feeling we healed him to death... Great work everyone!

- Cyribruz

  Teron Gorefiend 2008-03-30

Teron Gorefiend

  Supremus and Akama downed 2008-03-11.



  Azgalor (2008-03-07) and Naj'entus (2008-03-09).



  Anetheron and Kaz'rogal is dead.



  Kael'thas Sunstrider and Rage Winterchill 2008-02-17


Kael'thas Sunstrider

Rage Winterchill

 %&(#"%¤ - my text disappeared

Were Flawless ready to kill Kael'thas this night or would he be able to stop us?

- Let us see how your nerves hold up against the Darkener, Thaladred.
Don't focus on me, don't focus on me! Thaladred the Darkener sets his gaze on Esereht. Ruuun!
- You have persevered against some of my best advisors. But none can withstand the might of the Bloodhammer. Behold, Lord Sanguinar.
I think he tried his best to make Sotsak frigthened but that didn't work. 
- Capernian will see to it that your stay here is a short one.
We got plenty of time and we're not leaving!
- Well done. You have proven worthy to test your skills against my Master Engineer, Telonicus.
Well, if those bombs were the biggest you could throw at us I suggest you send your engineer back to the lab for some more research. 

- As you can see, I have many weapons in my arsenal.
So do we!

- Perhaps I underestimated you. It would be unfair to make you fight all four Advisors at once, but...fair treatment was never shown to my people. I'm just returning the favor.
Fair enough, we accept the challenge! 

- Alas, sometimes one must take matters into one's own hands. Balamore shanal! 
Naraxi didn't get one shotted, we moved out of flamestrikes but those phoenixes burnt my fur! 

- I have not come this far to be stopped! The future I have planned will not be jeopardized! Now, you will taste true power!
Neither have we and we got pilot licences...okay fake ones but still. Now die and give us some loot! 

- For...Quel...thalas!
Everyone did a great job and grats to those that got loot  :)  

Rage Winterchill died as well but he isn't worth to be mentioned since he didn't give us a challenge.

- Esereht

  Lady Vashj 2008-01-11


Lady Vashj

  Merry Christmas

Officers, role masters and raid leader of Flawless would like to wish all of our members
 and other fellow Stormragers that might come by 
a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope that 2008 will bring a lot of joy and many moments to remember. Thanks for the time that has been and let us look forward to a year with some flawless kills and perhaps some wiping...

Esereht, Cyribruz, Bezier, Naraxi, Sureas, Neshio and Hitbag

  Al'ar 2007-11-27

A shame to kill such a beautiful birdie. Well, don't forget she has EPIX! Tanking adds have given me many pleasant flights with Al'ar Airlines but when I got all the way to China it wasn't that fun anymore  ;)  I think the other tanks are doing a good job with changing platforms and getting back fast after fiery quill. 

Now, we're looking forward to down Lady Vashj and to visist Mr. Kael'Thas. Maybe Flawless will get some Christmas gifts?

 - Esereht (Getting tired of me yet? Anyone volunteer to write a text next time? :D )


  Leotheras the Blind and Zul'Aman cleard 2007-11-25

First clear of Zul'aman happened last weekend and this weekend we did it again. Leotheras has also fallen two times now. What is there to say about these fights? ZA can for sure very fast turn in to an expensive thing but hey, wiping can be fun...or?!  :)  At least it felt good to clear the instance.

Leotheras. Feral charge. Mangle - miss, doh, not again! Bye bye Leo, we'll meet again when you've killed that caster. My best friends during the fight --> hunters <3 .   

 - Esereht (l2notmissandgivememorehit!)


Leotheras the Blind 



 Hex Lord Malacrass

  High Astromancer Solarian 2007-11-13

This kill wasn't even ment to happen this day. So maybe I'll skip the text... Or I just say that Al'ar was on the agenda but since we were low on tanks we had to explore something else. Solarian, OK! "Hmm, we haven't read any tactics for her..." "Let's just go and take a look and see what she's like". Third try and she went down. Guess she is an easy boss. 

 - Esereht

High Astromancer Solarian

  Fathom-Lord Karathress, Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak 2007-11-09


Fathom-Lord Karathress 


Doom Lord Kazzak  

We need to stop killing bosses so often, I don't have words for it. Karathress had stolen my PvP mace and I wanted it back. The shaman was a pain to tank, spamming me with damage but my healers managed to deal with it. The rest of the fight went okay and soon he was no more. The end! Oh no, out door bosses on the schedule. Both were up and we went for Doomwalker first. We died on first try since Flor forgot to jump, smile and pick up or maybe we had forgotten what spread out means. Flawless never lose the spirit and on the second attempt Doomwalker passed away. Hey, he got no funeral! We rushed to version No2 of Kazzak and since we never gice up we killed him. Perim choose the right second to die on. Now we have two more goals for November - Leotheras and Al'Ar be on your guard... 

- Esereht (don't mínd typos, written after some cider and Smirnoff Ice)  

  Morogrim Tidewalker and Hydross the Unstable down 2007-11-04

Morogrim and Void Reaver where the targets for the night. Morogrim was first out and we had some aggro problems on murlocs in the beginning. The respawn timer was counting down and we realized we would only have one or maximum two tries before we would have to move on to Void Reaver. Flawless took a deep breath and prepared for a tough fight. The fight looked good, murlocs went for Pancha and Hitbag was kept alive. At the end I think both healers and dps were a bit low on mana so we got a bunch of murlocs "rwlrwlrwlrwl"-ing at us. Morogrim died and so did Flawless. I would like to /cheer at Pancha (and people that have helped him) for putting such a big effort in gathering gear and other useful stuff to be able to deal with the murlocs. 

...and now, the time was running out. and we hadn't enough of time to get to Void Reaver. Okay, let's start trying some on Hydross.  Since it was the first time we faced Hydross we felt that there wasn't any need to drink flasks and buff ourselves a lot since Hydross is a %#¤(/". I think a lot of us knows what wiping on Hydross can be like. Some tactics were gone through for those that hadn't been there before and then go! Eeeh, why is Hydross at 20% the first time we try him? So we wiped... One last try for the evening with some elixirs and Boom!, Hydross the Unstable is no more. Great work everyone! Looking forward to face new challenges with you all.

 - Esereht

Hydross the Unstable

Morogrim Tidewalker

  Tempest Keep discovered - Void Reaver down 2007-10-28

"Alert! You are marked for Extermination!". Void Reaver thought he could mess with Flawless but we turned it back at him. I wasn't there, but I hope it was a flawless kill. Where they hid the corpse of that big mechanical - I have no idea. Maybe they tore him apart with a tin opener and spread the parts with the wind. Well, nice done guild (on the kill, not on the hiding of the corpse)! Let us focus on Serpentshrine Cavern for some time and keep up the good spirit.

- Esereht in a rainy Bergen

Void Reaver

  Flawless kills Lurker 2007-10-25

Flawless had fish to dinner. I hope it tasted well. Did you have to use gnomes as lures or did he come voluntary? Now we just need to farm a bit more on our resistance gear and we're ready for a real challenge - Hydross the Unstable, Flawless is coming for you... 

The Lurker Below

  Flawless first 25 man raid 2007-10-21

Yesterday Flawless opened the door to 25 man content. I think there were a lot of nervous players waiting outside Gruul's Lair. Many of us hadn't played with each other before - were we facing a night with wipes on trash or could we at least get High King Maulgar down? Well I'm amazed of what we could achieve on our first raid. High King Maulgar, Gruul the Dragonkiller and Magtheridon were all beaten. I would like to congratulate all players that recevied loot.

This promises a lot for the future and I hope Flawless will have good progress further on. We still need some more players to strengthen our team - if you feel you are Flawless material you are welcome to apply.

Thanks for a great first raid!

  - Esereht

High King Maulgar

Gruul the Dragonkiller


  Karazhan cleared 2007-10-14

What to do when you're a new guild with not enough players yet? Let's speed through Karazhan! The founders of Flawless have always been big fans of speed runs. Speed is the key! as a wise (?) mage once told us in Shattered Halls. Distributing loot took some time but all bosses were down in 3h25min. We're moving on to new challenges.

  - Esereht


Prince Malcheezar

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